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March 4, 2010 in Ideas & Strategies

2 1024x582 IWM Charts

Linear Regression IWM

Day traded largely below the linear regression. Had two interaction with Linear Regression resistance lines.

2010 03 04 TOS CHARTS 1024x582 IWM Charts

Hull MA Reversed Engineered RSI and 200 EMA IWM

I spend a good bit of time today observing the behavior of IWM price with the Hull MA, and the Reverse Engineered RSI. Above are highlight points of observations and interactions. When you first have a tick open and close IN THE DIRECTION compliant with the direction of the Hull MA after the candle stick cross over there is often modest retracement followed by useful continuation.

When the Hull MA and the Reverse Engineered RSI cross over there is often a spike in the favored direction.

The Reverse Engineered RSI serves as useful resistance and retracement points.

HILO 1024x582 IWM Charts


The HILO indicated several retracement point after the completion of a move.

ICHI 1024x582 IWM Charts


Ichimoku indicated several points of resistance and several crossover indication a direction.

PERSON PIV 1024x582 IWM Charts


There was solid interaction with the mid Person Pivot as upper resistance.

LOWER 1 1024x582 IWM Charts


There was solid interaction with the Demark Pivot as lower resistance.

There was a CCI Avg descending trendline break prior to the rally towards the close of the day.

LOWER 2 1024x582 IWM Charts


Ascending trendline in the slow stoch.

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