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I mostly trade stock options.

Since about 2005/2006.

Not yet.  But I am getting there.


I may one day incorporate some simple advertising into this blog to help cover it's cost.  But otherwise I am developing this blog for my own information and opinion sharing purposes, not to try to sell anything.

The short answer is "to share my learning process."  This blog is mainly being developed for my own purposes.  But a long time ago, back when I was in high school and college I learned that if I wanted to master a subject, I had to help other people learn it (tutoring, study groups, things like that).  This sort of peer based learning, helped to keep me focused, encouraged me to raise the bar for how well I understood something, made learning stuff that could otherwise be dull and monotonous into a social and entertaining experience, and kept me from deluding myself by gauging my understanding against my peers as opposed to my blind perception of what was necessary to succeed.

Finding peers in this field has proven a bit of a challenge.  But the purpose of this blog is to attempt to bring into my learning and trade skill development as many of those components as I can.

No.  I am not.  And I am not sure anyone actually is.  So, in general, if anyone ever says that they are an expert/professional/accredited trader I would recommend that you proceed with great caution and assess any input or services they offer very carefully.  But, with regards to me, I am specifically telling you I am not an expert trader.  I am not a professional trader.  And I am not an accredited trader.  Do not follow any input I offer blindly.  Any an all input I have to offer is strictly my opinion and it is the opinion of a non-expert, nonprofessional, and non-accredited person.  Any assessments you make or actions you take should always be subject to your own due diligence and are always conducted at your own risk.

No. I do not.  I might offer opinions about predictions, assessments, methods, and strategies.  But, no matter the wording or topic, all content in this site is strictly opinion and should be regarded as such.

Whether I say "Ticker symbol ABCD is going up" or "Buy ABCD" or "Elliot Wave Theory is total crap", it is strictly my opinion.  You are welcome to listen to it or not.  And you will either agree with it or not.  It's just my opinion.

If you are interested in trading and don't consider yourself an expert/professional/accredited, then it is quite possible I am your equal peer.  And I am trying to help myself by helping you share in my learning process.

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